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Business Edition WetPaws Watch

Entwickler Customize My Phone
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Whats your style? Express yourself with these unique modern light weight watch faces that allow you to customize your watch faces color to express yourself.We have gone to great heights to create this lovely elegant and professional watch face for those with busy professional lives. This watch face features both modern touches and convenient features.
We place twelve hour ticks around the dial of the watch face so that it can sport a classy look, but take a closer look at the watch and youll notice that the seconds dial updates with the time and goes around the entire face of the watch.
Simple easy to read LED style time provides you the ability to quickly glance at the time and not have to think twice. Easy to read font, large text size, and bright customizable colors allow you to know the time at all times.
The date is neatly tucked away below the time so that you can also know the month, day and year.
Features 10 different colored time and dial accents.Quickly tells both the time and the date.Looks classic and mechanical but displays an LED style digital time clock.Pick any color that will match your personal style.
See our photos of the watch face on a Moto 360, our photos are real photos running on an actual device not photo edited mock ups of what the watch might look like.
To change the color of the time and the seconds dial simply long press on your watch face until the settings menu below the watch face preview pops up, scroll through to find the color that matches your style.
We will be adding more colors in the future, please download our watch face and support our development efforts, we appreciate all the help and support you provide us. We are always looking forward to hearing your feedback as well, please let us know or leave them in the ratings and review section below were always looking for suggestions for improvement or a new color youd like us to implement.
To switch colors:1. Long press on the face of your watch.2. Tap the settings icon under the preview.3. A color menu will show up, scroll to the color you like and tap on it.
To install our watch face:1. After install is finished run re-sync app on the Android Wear Companion App via your smartphone.2. You may have to wait a minute or so for the watch face to transfer over to your watch via Bluetooth.3. Long press your android wear watch display and choose the downloaded watch face.